Our Team

Chervin Team - Marvin Bauman

Marvin Bauman


Marvin joined Chervin in 1994. Having worked on kitchens from start to finish, Marvin ensures we not only meet our customer’s expectations, we exceed them.

Chervin Team - Jon Staken

Jon Staken

Director of Sales & Design - Waterloo

Jon has been with us since 1996. Throughout this time, he has gained valuable hands-on experience in the design and construction of kitchens. Jon has a natural gift, and we attribute many of our high-profile kitchen designs to him.


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Chervin Team - Marie McKinnon

Marie McKinnon

Sales and Design

Marie has been a designer for 20 years. She brings to Chervin a wealth of knowledge and a flair for creative design and layout in cabinetry. Clients are pleased with her warm, easy going nature and professional service.


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Chervin Team - James-Erik Grigat

James-Erik Grigat

Sales and Design

James-Erik joined the Chervin team in 2002. He was employed as an installer for 8 years. This exposure to many creative kitchens qualified him to join the sales and design team. He will offer solutions to your cabinet needs.


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Chervin Team - Daniel Byler

Daniel Byler

Sales & Design

Daniel Byler joined us over 10 years ago. An excellent craftsman, Daniel has built some of our finer pieces of cabinetry. Having installed cabinets for many years, he has great insight into kitchen layout – and that benefits you, our customer, as you design yours.

Chervin Team - Henry Friesen

Henry Friesen

Sales & Design

Henry joined the Chervin team in our Custom Kitchen Department and worked his way up to installing kitchen cabinets as our lead/head installer for several years. We continue to receive compliments on his perfectionism and great customer service. Having seen many kitchen designs throughout his career, Henry is a great asset to his customers in Sales and Design.

Chervin Team - Kevin Swart

Kevin Swart

Director of Sales & Design - Muskoka

Kevin Swart joined the Chervin Team in 2011. Kevin has a background in the Construction Industry and he quickly used this to re-market Chervin in the North and make us the first choice of Builders and Clients in Parry Sound, as well as Muskoka. Kevin’s enthusiastic attitude and motivation makes him a busy salesman so if you cannot find him in the showroom, you will probably see his truck at a lake near you soon.


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Chervin Team - Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers

Sales & Design

Tom graduated from the Conestoga College Woodworking Program and has been in the industry for over a decade.  His Chervin career started in the Kitchen Machining Department, then to Kitchen Hardware, Kitchen Engineering, and now Sales and Design. Tom is a natural designer who provides creative solutions to keep his customers happy.

Chervin Team - Kristen Shantz

Kristen Shantz


Kristen is our proficient marketing adviser who engineers many diverse projects. Her warm personality and flourishing creativity add a crowning touch to her assignments.

Chervin Team - Shawn Metzger

Shawn Metzger

Installer & Service Technician

Shawn comes to us with a background in construction. His exceptional reasoning skills serve him well as our installer and service technician.

Chervin Team - Mike Claus

Mike Claus


Mike joined our team as an experienced craftsman. He does an excellent job meeting Chervin’s high standard of installation and strives to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Chervin Team - Dave Schmidt

Dave Schmidt


Dave came to Chervin with experience, having spent 10 years crafting cabinets from start to finish. He also is one of Chervin staff who has taken the 3 year woodworking technology program at Conestoga College. Dave will assure you are satisfied before he says the installation of your Chervin cabinets is completed.


Chervin Team - Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold


Prior to joining the Chervin team, Brian was employed in the furniture and cabinet industry for thirty five years. Five of those years were spent abroad in the Caribbean managing the production of furniture. When Brian returned to Canada, he saw the craftsmanship of his neighbors new kitchen, a Chervin kitchen. Brian was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that he wanted to have a part in helping others to be as delighted as his neighbor.

Chervin Team - Jake Unger

Jake Unger


Jake began a career in agricultural industry. However, he discovered that working the soil was not his primary interest. He found employment at Chervin and discovered a new inspiration. He was able to take raw wood and transform it into functional and beautiful cabinetry. He find’s pleasure in helping others bring their dreams to life.

Chervin Team - Jeff Bramhill

Jeff Bramhill


Chervin Team - Henry Unger

Henry Unger


Chervin Team - Jesse Kroisenbrunner

Jesse Kroisenbrunner


Ever since I was a child, woodworking has been a passion of mine. From building birdhouses with my grandfather, to creating custom furniture in high school and college, I knew this was going to be my career. With Chervin, I am able to take my passion for woodworking, to your home.