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Case Study

In 2020, we finished the unique Project Huron. This sweet cottage on the water's edge of Lake Huron included many creative design elements that truly make a one-of-a-kind space.

Project Information
Project Type
New Build
Chervin Designer
Daniel Byler
Chervin Engineer
Steve Harris
Chervin Installers
Jesse Kroisenbrunner

About the Homeowner

Throughout the entire project, our team worked closely alongside the client, their designer, Lindsey, and their builder, Slotegraaf Cosntruction.

The homeowner, being a highly creative individual with a deep appreciation for nature, brought to the table many unique ideas that gave the space a natural and contemporary flair. Their goal for the space was to create something that hadn’t been done before without losing quality.

Due to the complexity of the design and the quality sought after, Chervin was the perfect match.

Project Scope

From start to finish, this project took about 16 months. Beginning with meetings between the designers and the clients, moving to engineering, then to production, and finally to installation. Countless planning and communication was required to achieve a seamless flow throughout the entire cottage. The installation process took about 6 weeks, working back and forth between various rooms in the house to ensure the puzzle would fit perfectly together by the end of the project.

Project Challenges: 

  • The ridgeline of the house is offset, which created some unique angles and lines. This affected the bedroom closets with the wall panels above. The angles of the cabinetry and panels changed within the same unit.
  • Building and designing things we had never done before, like the slat wall with a concealed door.
  • Creating seamless wall panels in the hallway with hidden storage.
  • Installation Process - Every piece needed to be custom fit, which required many onsite cuts.

Daniel Byler, Project Designer

Dan Byler, the Chervin designer for Project Huron, appreciated the uniqueness of this project's contemporary design. From the moment you open the front door, every inch of the cottage flows flawlessly together.

Dan believes the success of this project is due to impressive teamwork and collaboration between all parties involved. 

 “The team at Chervin went into this project confident that we could do it, and it went even smoother than we could have expected the whole way through!”

His hope for the clients is that they enjoy the custom design elements that create the unique look and feel of the cottage for years to come.

Steve Haris, Kitchen Engineer

When it came to engineering this space, Steve had his work cut out for him. From top to bottom, this whole project required complete custom millwork. To ensure the space was engineered correctly the first time, Steve took multiple visits to take measurements and get a feel for the space. He met with the designer and the client to gain a solid understanding of how they wanted the cottage to look and operate. Both the client and the designer were open-minded and ultimately wanted to see the project succeed.

Project Renderings

Jesse Kroisenbrunner, Installer

Project Huron was an extremely unique space to install. It was not a cookie-cutter home that could be tackled one room at a time. The installer, Jesse, was challenged to always think 10 steps ahead, working back and forth between rooms to ensure everything would line up and come together at the end.

Since there were so many unique angles to work within the space, cuts couldn’t be done by the programmed machines at the shop. They required freehand cutting on-site by the installer to achieve the perfect fit. Jesse made it his mission to study the drawings extremely well, so he would always know what his next move was going to be. He would measure 10 times and cut once to make sure he got it right on the first try.

  • I hope the client appreciates the functionality of the space as well as the unique design. Not to mention the beautiful view of the sunsets! This space is definitely not something that will go out of style in the next 10 or 20 years.
    Jesse Kroisenbrunner

The Final Reveal

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