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With our full-service approach, we can assist you from the ground up in creating the room of your dreams. From the initial cabinetry design phase to planning the cabinetry layouts and installing the finished product, we're with you every step of the way.

  • I want to thank you in particular for your patience; I know it is part of the process to make changes, but you handled each decision and change wonderfully. I will not hesitate to highly recommend Chervin to all and everyone who asks.
    - Louise
  • I am extremely happy with how amazing this kitchen looks. I am equally pleased at how smoothly it has all gone. I am impressed with our installer - he is above all meticulous, accommodating, and in my view a vital reason this project looks so good. His workmanship, translates your wonderful design into reality.
    - Louise
  • All in all, we are extremely satisfied with the service we received as clients of Chervin and we will highly recommend you to all our friends and family!
    - Rankin
  • Our kitchen is superb, but also very cottagey. It doesn't overwhelm our small space, but fits right in. It is a super functional, beautiful space in a tiny and not fancy abode. We will not hesitate to recommend Chervin to anyone. We have already exhausted out relatives with our raving on about Chervin!
    - Weiss
  • Chervin had great insights and ideas to improve our dream and make it a reality. The craftsmanship is phenomenal, and everyone who has seen it is wowed.
  • Your Service Technician's artistic skills made the kitchen new again. He exemplifies what Chervin represents: creativity, high integrity, great value, and unparalleled skills and workmanship.
  • We were recommended by a friend, looked at your website, and appreciated your mission statement which mirrors my life's mission. Your designer was one of only two salespeople we consulted with who actually came to the house and looked at the space and then found a way to fit the island I desired.
    - Wagler
  • A few mistakes were made causing some delay but were corrected without question. Our designer and installer were great! Our designer always returned my calls quickly and service was excellent. I would use Chervin again.
    - Schmalz
  • We heard about Chervin verbally from someone who said that they had a strong reputation for high quality installations. Excellent showroom and service.
    - Edwards
  • The Chervin staff were helpful and friendly. Extremely high-quality products and beautiful designs. My family loves our kitchen.
    - Wolf

How to get started with the Chervin Experience:

1. Inquire

Fill out our contact form or visit one of our showrooms and tell us more about your project goals and share your inspiration. We'll connect you with a Sales & Design person who is the best fit for your project. 

Let's Get Started!

2. Design Consultation

We can help you identify your household's needs and wants - and how to tell the difference! We'll walk you through your options and help you navigate with our years of experience and keen eye for detail. 

Design Consultation Details

3. Proposal & Drawings

Our designers and engineers are trained in programs to produce realistic 2D and 3D renderings of your space, so you can virtually walk-through and see how all the elements fit together. 

Get More Details

4. Production

Our talented and resourceful sales & design team loves the adventure of turning vision into plan and works with our dedicated designers and engineers to create your ideal vision.  

Cabinet Production Details

5. Installation

We ensure all your cabinets are installed with precision right down to the custom-fitting against your stone wall, or integrating new mechanisms to ensure your cabinet doors function and open the way you want.  

Cabinet Installation Details

6. Warranty and Post-Installation Service

We have a team dedicated to ensuring our work lives up to the Golden Means of perfection, and our clients' needs are met - efficiently and with impeccable service. 

Our cabinetry lasts for decades, but to prove our confidence, it is all under warranty for its first 5 years. 

Our Guarantee

Our team of highly skilled employees is dedicated to designing, handcrafting, and installing kitchens, bathroom cabinets and wall units to your exact specifications.

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Part Of The Chervin Family

Chervin Kitchen & Bath is part of a family of companies that work to provide you with inspired interiors through an incredible service experience and the highest product standard.

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