Why We're Different

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We love turning our clients' dreams into reality through quality cabinetry, outstanding service, and integrity in all we do.

  • com·pas·sion / kəmˈpaSHən / noun Sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

High Quality, Higher Standards

At Chervin, we hold ourselves to a high standard we call "The Golden Means of Perfection." Based on both The Golden Rule of Service ("do to your customers as you want to be done to you as a customer") and the mathematical principle of The Golden Ratio, our tagline reminds us to always strive for impeccable design and service – from pleasing aesthetics, through to quality materials, and a trustworthy, engaging experience. You have a dream for your space, and we want to turn that dream into a reality - the most beautiful and balanced cabinetry you can imagine.

Our Products  Our Services

high quality black kitchen cabinetry in oakville

  • The quality products took our breath away! Nothing else we saw measured up. We will continue using and referring Chervin for our future projects!
    - Ursomarzo
  • I am extremely happy with how amazing this kitchen looks. I am equally pleased at how smoothly it has all gone. I am impressed with our installer - he is above all meticulous, accommodating, and in my view a vital reason this project looks so good. His workmanship, translates your wonderful design into reality.
    - Louise
  • Unlike many negative stories I hear of kitchen renos, this job, although long, has overall been a stress-free experience. I am grateful. I love my kitchen; it was worth the wait.
    - Louise
  • Your Service Technician's artistic skills made the kitchen new again. He exemplifies what Chervin represents: creativity, high integrity, great value, and unparalleled skills and workmanship.
  • Our Sales Representative was amazing. His assistance during the process was wonderful. We look forward to his design for our laundry room.
    - Roberts
  • When I saw a kitchen installed by Chervin approximately 17+ years ago, I knew at that point Chervin was who we wanted to go with, and it was very evident that our choice was correct. Thank you for taking our ideas and making us a huge part of the process.
  • I am impressed with the quality of the product and the service provided. Everyone was professional and made every effort to answer my questions. Thank you for putting the customer first.
    - Innes
  • We are very happy with our new kitchen. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Everyone we dealt with at Chervin took time to answer our questions and deliver and install our kitchen with care. Special thanks to our designer who was so patient and helpful when it came to our many questions.
    - Webb
  • We saw some Chervin cabinets in a friend's home, and also our son and daughter-in-law have a Chervin kitchen. We like your mission statement as it is the way we believe business should be run. May the Lord continue to bless you.
    - Witmer
  • Our designer was excellent in helping us carefully plan our new kitchen, and went above and beyond assisting with the appliance selection, and the colour scheme, as well as other amenities that in the end gave us our dream kitchen. Any issues, and they were minor, were dealt with immediately and to our complete satisfaction.
    - Walsh

Defining Who We Are

At the forefront of our company are three core tenets that define all that we are and all that we do, from the showroom to the shop floor to your home.


To honor God, satisfy our customers and improve our company.


To create inspired interiors that grace your living space with unrivaled quality, distinction and peace of mind.


To do to others as we would have them do to us.

The Foundation of Our Success

Our core values lie at the heart of our company, pulsing and guiding us in our interactions with co-workers and customers.


We strive to do what is right.

Servant Leadership

We lead by serving with humility. 


We are trustworthy and extend trust as we mutually practice the Golden Rule. 


We have a compelling desire to go above and beyond. 


We are grateful for all we are blessed with.


We share with all what is needed to foster trust. 


We manage our resources with the wellbeing of the future in mind. 


We constantly improve efficiencies, quality and service. 


When we fail we make it right. 


We share with those in need. 


We care about the happiness, health and prosperity of all we meet. 


We believe that together we can accomplish more. 


We recognize the value and importance of everyone we meet. 


We always strive to produce the best. 

Part Of The Chervin Family

Chervin Kitchen & Bath is part of a family of companies that work to provide you with inspired interiors through an incredible service experience and the highest product standard.

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