2022 Kitchen Design Trends

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Do you pride yourself on knowing the latest design and style trends in home renovations, particularly kitchens? We are already two months into 2022 and are seeing new and innovative trends to spice up your kitchen... no pun intended.

Need the scoop? Then read along as our kitchen design experts pack your brain full of knowledge in which kitchen elements and styles are burning hot, and which ones can’t handle the heat anymore. Okay enough puns, let's get right into it. 

Black Is The New White

Yes, you heard us correctly, black is in and white is out, well not completely. We aren’t not saying that you still can’t have elements of white in your kitchen, but that white is now being paired with natural colours, wood, and some black elements too. Seeing an all-white classic kitchen is in the past. In 2022, every kitchen should have some touch of black to make your cooking space feel open yet private. This can be hardware, cabinets, or even black trim around doors, walls, and baseboards. 


From Open Concept to Multi-Purpose 

Okay, so technically the open concept kitchen style is not leaving us just yet, instead, we are being upgraded to a bigger open concept. Are you ready to combine your living room and kitchen together to create a larger eat-in living space? I know we are. You already eat on the couch in your living room so you might as well have easier access to the kitchen for your convenience. More of us are either working from home these days or homeschooling online and with that change of scenery comes the idea of having a multi-purpose space such as a living room and a kitchen all in one place.

Organic Elements

Walnut, white oak, and maple, oh my! Natural woods and organic materials are becoming a common aspect of tying a kitchen together. The neutral colouring of natural wood is being used for custom cabinetry, range hoods, kitchen islands... and even décor. Organic materials such as rattan can be used as an accented element in kitchens.  All these natural elements add warmth and comfort to space.   

Functional and State of the Art

We all want a functional kitchen, but a functional kitchen with top-of-the-line technology, now that is a dream come true. Storage and organization are two key elements to function, and some of the pieces that make cooking a breeze in your kitchen. Think about a kitchen that has a cutlery holder, appliance garage, walk-in pantry, multi-functional workstation sinks with cutting boards, drains, strainers, and more. Technology creates simplicity in our lives, and there is nothing better than having simplicity in the kitchen. Smart fridges with touch screen capability, controlled lighting, and induction cooking are just a few of the technology-savvy hacks that we would love in our kitchen right now.  

Think Big

In 2022 bigger is better when it comes to backsplash and customizable kitchen designs. How about a large kitchen island for entertaining and prepping food? The perfect island gives you extra prep space and is big enough to serve a few people, as well as being equipped with extra storage. The bigger the island the more use you will get. As for backsplash, we are seeing less subway tile and more natural, large, all-stone backsplashes. The naturally made detailing in the stone acts as a beautiful piece of art to be displayed on your wall and can make your kitchen stand out.  

In analyzing these trends, we have a feeling that 2022 is going to be a constantly evolving, but exciting year for kitchen designs. Touching on trends old and new, and combining them to create stylish, modern kitchens. 

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