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At Chervin Kitchen, we produce superior quality cabinetry. Whether we craft cabinets for a home, boathouse, or commercial space, our exceptional finishes are of the best durability and will keep their flawless finish for years to come. In our woodworking life span, we have the pleasure of partnering with Canlak, an industrial wood-coating manufacturer with over 35 years of experience. Together we have developed a wide range of top-notch finishes to keep your projects looking beautiful for the long term. You can trust that our quality stain and paint finishes are the best on the market.

Huntley white paint finish

What makes our finishes superior? 

The secret is the depth and flexibility of a Chervin finish. While most woodworking companies use acid-curing products like varnish or lacquers, Chervin has tried, tested, and adopted a superior method by introducing polyurethanes for a stronger, more resilient finish.

Why are polyurethanes better? 

When compared to traditional North American lacquer products, polyurethanes are more durable and yet the hardness is balanced with flexibility. While offering superior chemical, moisture, stain, heat and solvent resistance, polyurethanes provide outstanding colourfastness and are non-yellowing. Aside from the beauty and durability of polyurethanes, our finishes are also more environmentally friendly. They contain ultra-low traces of formaldehyde, which meets world E-1 norms, and have reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 

Stained kitchen on angle view

The Results Are In! 

Need more convincing? Just look at the results! We have vigorously tested and compared polyurethane finishes to lacquer finishes and have rated the results on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 having been greatly affected and 10 having no effect. All these tests were conducted for 24 hours, except for mustard, which was exposed for 1 hour. 

   Polyurethane Finish 
   Laquer Finish 
   Vinegar     10    10

   Lemon Juice

   10    10
   Orange Juice     10    10
   Ketchup    10     10
   Coffee     10    8
   Olive Oil    10    9
   Boiling Water     10    9

   Cold Water 

   10    10
   Nail Polish Remover     9    8
   Household Ammonia     10    9
   Wine     10    8
   Windex    10    10
   Lysol     10    10
   Gasoline    10    8
   Ethonal / Water     10    10
   Mustard     10    8
   Acetone    9    8

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Take a look at the custom cabinetry finishes we have created for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and more!  


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