After spending the last eight months planning and implementing a large-scale kitchen renovation, Chervin Kitchen and Bath client Derek Comfort shares his insights on how the process worked for him.

As a former chef, Comfort took great strides to make his kitchen renovation not only meet all of his needs, but fulfill all of his dreams as well. Large family gatherings and quaint dinner parties with a few friends would make the kitchen the focal point of his home. It needed to be a place he favoured above all.

White kitchen accented with a farmhouse sink in the navy island with a Ceasarstone quartz countertop in Oakville, ON.


“The first piece of advice is to be prepared to be patient,” Comfort says. A kitchen reno is a long and methodical process and plans often get changed. “When you want to pull your hair out, is the exact point at which you know you’re doing it right,” Comfort adds. “Most renovations will run past the due date and over budget and if you understand that, it will make the process easier,” he explains.


Secondly, Comfort urges customers to take the time to find the right people to work with. “You need to feel comfortable and trust your team. If you start with that, it will always work out.”

Knowing he would be working with a large renovation which included the deconstruction of walls and flooring, Comfort sought out a contractor first. Once the contractor was on board and they made a plan of what the layout of the space would be, Comfort needed to look for a cabinet manufacturer.

The client and the contractor sourced out cabinet manufacturers separately. “It was a thorough search,” says Comfort. They looked at options for months before choosing Chervin. The client visited our showroom in Waterloo, got a feel for what we offer, the products we use and the ideas we showcase. “The quality was there and I liked the material and craftsmanship.”

White kitchen accented with a farmhouse sink in the navy island with a Ceasarstone quartz countertop in Oakville, ON.


Lastly, but equally important, Comfort says having the three parties, including himself, his contractor and our Chervin designer Tom Chambers, was instrumental in the success of his renovation. “Tom is a very thoughtful and methodical person to work with, and a calming force amongst the three parties involved,” he says. If Comfort didn’t like Tom as much as he did, he said he might not have selected Chervin. That personal touch and a like-minded teammate go a long way to client satisfaction.

The Client came to Chervin with a bit of a visual layout for his dream kitchen. Tom took his own measurements and started with the first draft of the kitchen layout. Throughout the process, Tom made countless small adjustments here and there. At least three sizable drafts were created before a finished project was signed off.

This is where, Comfort explains, the three personalities- the customer, designer and contractor-really came into play. “Each of us brought a different style and perspective to the project and because the team complemented each other so well, it made for a brilliant working partnership.

“I am ecstatic with my kitchen. The style is ‘us’ and reflects our family. It is gorgeous and beautiful and I appreciate every single detail,” Comfort says.

A happier customer, there could not be. Derek Comfort and his family will enjoy many tasty meals and fond memories in their new space.

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