When you’re not sleeping or working, chances are pretty good that you’re in the kitchen (or bathroom), but these aren’t the only rooms that deserve our strategic attention! Functional spaces like the laundry room are highly practical and sought after – a nice laundry room is a great selling feature. So whether you’re fixing up your home for resale or starting from scratch in your new house, here are a few of designer Paula’s top recommendations for creating a fabulous laundry room…


Overall Layout

custom cambridge laundry room with grey cabinetsIf you’re starting from scratch, a simple L-shape is our favourite set-up for a laundry room. Try to keep it away from living spaces and bedrooms – especially if you have children, you don’t want the noise of a laundry machine keeping them (or you!) awake at night. If the option presents itself, position the laundry room on the main floor, connected to the mudroom – the larger, integrated environment gives a lot of opportunity for creative and practical variations.


Ensure you have enough space on one wall of your laundry room for a side-by-side washer and dryer (both for ease of use and to add dynamic variety), and an undermount, stainless steel sink.


You’ll benefit from having both under-counter cabinetry (leaving a large surface for folding and spot cleaning), as well as a tall cabinet for storing items like the vacuum or your ironing board.


Functional Cabinetry

Fold-out drying rack in laundry (custom)When it comes to the function and form of your cabinets there are lots of options to meet the unique needs of your family. For example, for small quantities of clothing to air dry (for example, dress shirts or pants only), a simple rod above the sink area can be sufficient for your hang drying needs. If you require more space for other items of clothing, consider implementing a wall-mounted or pull-out drying rack. These racks can be easily concealed when not in use, but are sturdy and space-maximizing when you need them.


Additionally, while drawers and cabinet interiors tend to be fairly standard in laundry rooms (large spaces for storing cleaning supplies, mending kits, and clothes hangers), pull-out shelving or even a fold-out ironing board can offer more creative and convenient options for maximum functionality.


In general, don’t try to overdo the cabinets in your laundry room – it is a small space in your home, and, while you want enough cabinetry to store what is needed on a daily basis, you don’t want the room to feel crowded. Leave some wall space open for decorative lighting, floating shelves, or even wall art. Your laundry room can be an inviting place!


Practical Aesthetics

Laundry room in modern farmhouse style

Conveniently, the design trends that are surfacing in the kitchen & bath world do transfer to the laundry room. The latest door styles, colours, and decorative elements (like the floating shelves mentioned earlier) in kitchens, will also be very effective in your laundry and mudroom. You can implement those designs in any one room for a stunning look, or renovate a couple rooms concurrently to create a seamless look throughout your home.


Everything in your laundry room should be both easy on the eye and easy to maintain. Install water-resistant countertops – natural stone or quartz are our most popular options, though porcelain is growing in popularity. Choosing a lighter finish for your cabinets will help keep the space feeling fresh, clean, and open, especially if used on a simple slab or shaker door.


Keep your overhead lighting simple but invest in undercabinet lighting and possibly a wall sconce, to add a bit of character and brighten the room. If you have a window to let in natural light, enjoy it! That’s the best way to light a laundry room and keep it fresh.


Tile is a practical choice for both floors and backsplashes, and comes in a wide range of shapes, patterns, and colours, making it an easy way to spice up what can sometimes become a very industrial room of the house. It is also a safe and easy-to-clean surface, perfect for floors that will be subject to laundry baskets, shoes, and at least some moisture.

Floor tile
Tile backsplash

Grey and white tile

Looking for some more insight on how to model your own unique laundry room? We’d love to help! Paula and the rest of our design team all have a lot of experience working in a variety of spaces, and we’d love to see how we can help create your ideal workspace. Contact us to set up a design consultation.