About a year ago my husband and I decided it was time to renovate our kitchen, we have owned our home for over 40 years and as the saying goes “It was very dated!” As with any renovation we had many questions, number one who could we trust, number two who would do the job, and thirdly would we be happy with the results. Then we began to learn a lot about Chervin Kitchen and Bath from our son Kevin Swart, who is one of your employees. With Kevin’s knowledge of the company he was able to answer our many questions and helped with many of our decisions, we soon realized that Chervin was a reputable company and one we would be proud to hire.   Our kitchen cabinets were delivered by Dave and Peter, both were very polite and friendly. They took time to put mats down all through the house and paid close attention to where the cabinets would be placed, compared to other delivery people, which we have experienced, that didn’t take any pride in their work or their customers homes.   Then we met Dave and Brian our installers, both very friendly, who again took pride in their work. Dave was only here about a day but in that time he impressed us both. However, Brian was here for seven days and we can’t say enough about his workmanship. The way he paid close attention to detail and every request from us with regards to the installation was fulfilled most willingly. Especially mitre cuts, they are definitely Brian’s forte!   The quality of the cabinets themselves, which are made in Waterloo, must have been built by cabinet makers who again must take the same pride in their work as the employees previously mentioned.   In closing we can’t say enough about Chervin Kitchen and Bath and our own personal experience from beginning to the end. There would be no hesitation on our part in recommending your company to any of our family or friends.

~ Swart

We were very pleased with Chervin's showroom and all of its employees. Always available to answer any questions yet gives you space and freedom to walk around and talk. Communication and information was detail oriented throughout the entire process! Love our kitchen and bathroom vanities!


Without reservation, James-Erik and the Chervin team have been one of the most professional and service oriented companies I have dealt with in years. The end result is beautiful and James was able to translate my design ideas into the final product perfectly.

~ Dillon

Chervin completed our kitchen renovation about 7 years ago and we were so well pleased with your products, workmanship, designs and timely completion. It was an easy decision for our second project. Thank-you for your work in our home. Marie, you were an awesome support and representation!

~ Passmore

Several friends recommended Chervin to us. One friend had worked with James, so we made an appointment with him. My husband was very impressed and pleased to work with James. James was so professional and because he understood the technical aspects of the cabinetry construction and finishes. Co-ordination between the delivery and installation could have been better. There wasn't room for the installers and all the cabinets in our small kitchen, so the installers had to re-arrange everything when they arrived. This created an issue for us because we had to try to free up enough space for the overflow at the last minute.

~ Potvin

What a brilliant idea having a former installer as a sales rep. All of your installers are good, great even... but Jake, the young family guy from Drayton? He is amazing. Without disrespecting his own company he found a way to make me feel that all that matters is me! In my wildest imagination I never thought I would be treated so well.                                    

~ Pickering