core values

  • Integrity — We strive to do what is right.
  • Servant Leadership — We lead by serving with humility.
  • Trust — We are trustworthy and extend trust as we mutually practice the Golden Rule.
  • Passion — We have a compelling desire to go above and beyond.
  • Appreciation — We are grateful for all we are blessed with.
  • Communication — We share with all what is needed to foster trust.
  • Sustainability — We manage our resources with the wellbeing of the future in mind.
  • Innovation — We constantly improve efficiencies, quality and service.
  • Recovery — When we fail we make it right.
  • Generosity — We share with those in need.
  • Compassion — We care about the happiness, health and prosperity of all we meet.
  • Teamwork — We believe that together we can accomplish more.
  • Honor — We recognize the value and importance of everyone we meet.
  • Quality — We always strive to produce the best.

What defines us?