Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms and powder rooms have a unique place in the home – while they are highly utilitarian and exist first out of necessity and convenience, they are increasingly a place for serenity, relaxation, and a true expression of character. Bathrooms can be luxurious, streamlined, vibrant, soft…virtually any experience you want to create is now possible! We love exploring new ideas with our clients, to ensure even the most practical rooms in your house feel like home. So whatever size, shape, or style your washroom boasts, we’re equipped to make it a place you love.

Since 1991, Chervin Kitchen & Bath has been designing, building, and installing custom cabinetry, and we’ve never stopped learning and growing. Along the way, we’ve developed a fluid, comprehensive, and creative bathroom renovation process. There are a few key elements to that process that make all the difference in your bathroom, now and for years to come…

Design Excellence

Our warm, talented, and resourceful sales & design team loves the adventure of turning vision into plan. In cooperation with our dedicated team of preliminary designers and engineers, our sales representatives will help you unpack your vision of the ideal bathroom. Don’t know where to start? No problem – we can kick-off right from the beginning and help you identify your household’s needs and wants – and how to tell the difference! We’ll walk you through all your options, from hardware to countertops to storage, and help you navigate the decision-making with our years of experience and keen eyes for detail. Already know what you want? No problem there either. Our production team is capable of custom-building just about any cabinet you can imagine – and they love a good challenge!

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality and integrity are two of our core values, meaning you can trust that we’ll give you the very best product (and service) possible. We use high quality materials to create timeless designs, so your bathroom can feel fresh and fabulous for decades!  We have a variety of materials, finishes, and styles of cabinets to account for unique tastes and a range of budgets, but each piece is carefully hand-inspected and processed in our 70,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, to ensure consistency, excellence, and precision. Custom is our middle name – we stay sharp, knowing every project is unique…because so is every client.

Classic white bathroom with a custom made floating vanity, high gloss white cabinets, and cambria quartz counter top.

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Detail-Obsessed Installation

No matter how beautiful the elements of your bathroom are, if they don’t come together correctly, your vision won’t be realized. From our initial measurements, to our 3D renderings, to our highly detailed engineering plans, we ensure both you and our friendly team of installers are fully informed of the desired final product. We will ensure all your cabinets are installed with precision and care. You can be sure your home will be left better than it was when we arrived! If you do notice anything is off (we all have our moments), we’ll send our Service Technician straight out to your home to evaluate the issue and make things right.

The Big Picture

Our part of your bathroom’s journey is the design, manufacturing, and installation of your vanity and cabinets. But there is much more to completing a bathroom than that, and we know it. That’s why we have a large selection of preferred contractors to recommend who come with meaningful qualifications and extensive experience. As we plan with you, we can help you get connected with the home renovation expert that you need. We also coordinate countertop purchases and installations with our trusted partners on behalf of most of our clients.

Whatever your dream looks like, we’ll see you through – and we’re excited to go on this journey with you. Ready to start the conversation? Contact us now to set-up your initial design consultation!

Contemporary vanity with graceful curves

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