Beyond Surface Beauty: The Best Kitchen Countertops 

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Considering a kitchen remodel? Visual appeal is just one aspect of the perfect countertop; understanding which material meets your kitchen’s needs is equally important. Explore the best countertop options for your dream kitchen. 

A kitchen's heartbeat pulses from the countertop. It is where culinary masterpieces come to life and loved ones gather. Therefore, choosing the best kitchen countertops for your home is essential. 

All countertops, whether sleek marble or rustic timber, set the tempo for the kitchen. But the role of countertops extends beyond aesthetics. The ideal countertop material must seamlessly combine visual appeal with durability, offering a surface that complements the kitchen's aesthetic but also stands against the hustle of daily life.  

In this journey of selecting the best kitchen countertop, join us as we explore advice from Chervin Kitchen & Bath's experts to ensure your countertop is not only functional but becomes a statement of stunning design. 

Quartz Countertops

Many of our kitchen projects at Chervin (and even some of our vanities and entertainment spaces) utilize Quartz. Known for its unlikely-to-chip quality, Quartz is more durable than granite or marble. Its non-porous nature makes it less likely to stain or retain bacteria, making it one of the best kitchen countertops. Plus, it comes in many colours and styles, instantly transforming your countertop into a statement piece. 

Quartz's best feature? It is easy to clean with just soap and water, making it the top choice for the best modern kitchen countertops for families. 

Best For: Families with younger kids who value the aesthetics of a natural stone-looking countertop that is easy to maintain. 

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Charming white kitchen with elegant and natural black Quartzite kitchen countertop

Quartzite Countertops

Though similar in name, Quartz and Quartzite are quite different. According to one of our countertop providers, Stonex, Quartzite is a natural stone formed from Quartz-rich sandstone that is altered through high pressure and temperature. When it comes to durability, Quartzite countertops shine, providing a sturdy and long-lasting foundation for any culinary space. Plus, due to its natural components, Quartzite is one of the best kitchen countertops for eco-conscious homeowners. 

Unlike Quartz, which is non-porous, Quartzite has an organic granular, porous texture that feels coarser and requires to be sealed to avoid staining or bacteria. 

Best For: Homeowners seeking to add natural elegance to their kitchen. Given Quartzite's durability in a wide range of temperatures, it makes it a great option for vacation homes. 

Granite Countertops

If you are looking for a traditional yet durable and dramatic countertop, Granite is a fantastic option. It is a cost-effective, high-end countertop option that, like Quartzite, is a natural stone, meaning each slab is unique in colour and pattern. 

With more speckled patterns than Quartzite's marble-like veining, Granite countertops offer many unique styles. Leathered granite is a rich, textured option that looks outstanding in rustic settings. 

Best For: Flexibility in style, colours, and textures that offer variation suited for any kitchen. Granite works as the best kitchen countertop for rustic atmospheres or vacation homes. 

Bright open concept kitchen with natural stone granite kitchen countertops

Close up of live-edge wooden kitchen countertop in rustic kitchen

Wood Countertops

Reclaimed wood countertops have become popular in rustic, industrial, or farmhouse kitchens. Butcher blocks, thick wooden slabs, are often part of the countertop composition and require oiling every few months. They serve as a robust, hard-wearing surface to prepare food, adding a hearty, earthy feel to the kitchen.  

Some homeowners opt for live-edge wooden floating shelves or decorative accents, while others prefer the entire countertop in wood. This option transforms the kitchen into a striking homage to nature, a space where the beauty of the outdoors fuses seamlessly with the comforts of the indoors. 

Best For: Infusing a gorgeous pop of warmth into any kitchen. Wood countertops are also great for laundry rooms or mudrooms, proving their versatility as one of the best kitchen countertops. 

Dekton Countertops

Dekton, although a new material in the world of the best kitchen countertops, offers ultimate durability and a dramatic, industrial look. Similar to tile but installed in large slabs, Dekton is virtually impervious to temperature and climate changes. 

While it comes with a premium price tag, Dekton is an outstanding choice for outdoor kitchens, boathouse kitchens, and fireplace surrounds. This material is unbeatable in its resilience - just ensure it fits your style and budget before committing. 

Best For: All outdoor spaces looking for the ultimate durable countertop that can withstand temperatures and climates. 

Close up view of premium and durable Dekton kitchen countertops

The process of selecting the best kitchen countertop involves a balance of key factors, including durability, style, and budget. Your choice extends beyond functionality; it plays a pivotal role in shaping a kitchen space that aligns with your unique preferences and requirements. 

In addition to the materials mentioned above, Chervin offers an extensive selection that includes Laminate, Marble, Soapstone, and more. Partnering with a Chervin designer for your cabinetry and countertop decisions ensures a clear understanding of the diverse range of products available. Our expertise guarantees that you are well-informed and equipped to make decisions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

With Chervin, the journey to finding the perfect countertop transforms into a collaborative and confident exploration of possibilities, resulting in a kitchen that seamlessly blends practicality and style to suit your distinct lifestyle. 

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Countertop FAQs

  • What countertops are best for kitchens?

    When it comes to a high-quality, durable kitchen countertop, there is one clear winner—Quartz, a well-rounded option in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Many homeowners go with Quartz because it resists cracking and chipping which is important in a high-traffic area like the kitchen.   

  • What is the best thickness for countertops?
    This often depends on the look or feel you want to establish with your countertop. The standard thickness is one ¼ inch for Granite and Quartz, but others choose to go with ¾ of an inch. Ask a Chervin designer for samples and ideas. We are happy to help!  
  • What is the best family-friendly countertop option?
    Many family-friendly countertop options exist from Laminate to Granite and Quartz. Our top recommendation for families is Quartz due to its durability and practicality while giving off an elegant aesthetic. Additionally, its easy maintenance is great for busy households where spills, stains, and other everyday kitchen messes happen.  
  • Why is it important to see a natural stone slab in person before installation or purchase?
    Due to the variation in colours, veining, and imperfections of natural stone, every slab is uniquely different. Therefore, a sample will never truly reflect a large slab. At Chervin, we recommend selecting your kitchen countertop slab in person when available. Contact us for more information.
  • How do I clean and care for my new countertop?
    The best option is mild soaps/detergents combined with warm water. Before using any cleaning product, we recommend doing some research or testing a small area of the countertop surface. If you need more clarification, contact the manufacturer of the stone or chosen countertop material for further care and cleaning recommendations.
  • What is the best countertop finishing - gloss or matte?
    Both gloss and matte finishes have their place when it comes to selecting the best kitchen countertops - they have different effects in how they accent or tie together a room. But if you are going for a tidy look in a busy house, a matte countertop is less likely to show smears, smudges, and fingerprints.

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