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Communication and professionalism create a smooth process.

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Cabinetry is at the heart of a kitchen that functions well and looks great. Not only should it be strong and well-built, it needs to be designed with ease-of-use and traffic flow in mind.

When Norma and John MacDonald were ready to renovate their cottage kitchen, they had an idea of what they wanted, but needed some more inspiration. Upon visiting the Chervin Kitchen & Bath showroom in Port Carling, their vision became clearer.

“Norma really liked the door styles and colour,” says Kevin Swart, Chervin Kitchen & Bath’s Director of Sales and Design for Muskoka. “With that as the starting point, we came up with a solid plan for the design.”

The framed traditional kitchen cabinetry is white with black and grey accents throughout. Seating areas and workspaces enjoy views out to the deck and the lake through large windows.

The layout allows a neat workflow, with the dishes and glassware located near the fridge, while drawers and doors near the stove hide spices, utensils and cookware.

Upper cabinets are crafted in varying heights and sizes, an unusual feature which makes them seem to float in space. The design was created to draw eyes away from the ceiling. “We’ve got such straight lines and such a low ceiling, it’s nice to add some interest below the ceiling,” Norma explains. “It came together quite well. I even forget how low the ceiling is sometimes.”

Kevin says the island is another fun element of the design. The original layout had the island protruding past one end of the kitchen counter – not only did it not look right, there was also a need to create more space.

“We pushed it two feet back into the kitchen to create more open walk-through spaces,” says Kevin. “I really like where it’s sitting now and the kitchen sink is integrated into it.”

Kevin Swart - Inspired Installations - Chervin Kitchen & Bath - Dockside Magazine

Kevin Swart - Inspired Cabinetry Installation - Chervin Kitchen & Bath - Dockside Magazine

Dishcloths and towels are tucked away in drawers within easy reach, allowing tidying and cleaning to take place while cooking and conversing with guests. 

Another drawer conceals the microwave, a handy device that allows the microwave to be put anywhere in the kitchen. Kevin explains that a microwave drawer – the door slides open like any other drawer – allows the electrical cords to be concealed within the cabinetry. The approach not only gives the kitchen a cleaner finished appearance, it also ensures the microwave drawer lines up perfectly with the other cabinetry.

“You don’t have to make extra cuts or carve out a niche for the microwave drawer,” says Kevin. “It fits into the flow like the cabinetry around it. It’s really catching on with our clientele.”

Communication Is Key

Throughout the process, the Chervin team and the MacDonalds were in contact – even when the couple was away from the cottage – to keep everyone in the loop. Although very few issues arose once the installation began, there were a few items which popped up. But whether it was a matter of moving the island or removing a stub wall, the level of trust between the Chervin team and the MacDonalds meant that it just took a quick phone call and everyone was good to go.

“This job moved really well,” says Kevin. “We were able to communicate well with the client throughout the process and it helped make the project a huge success.”

Kevin Swart - Inspired Cabinetry Installation - Chervin Kitchen & Bath - Dockside Magazine

Kevin Swart - Inspired Cabinetry Installation - Chervin Kitchen & Bath - Dockside Magazine

One of the major items which impressed the MacDonalds was how the Chervin team was able to amicably work with fellow tradespeople. They would meet and communicate regularly with plumbers and electricians – as well as other contractors working on other parts of the cottage – to coordinate timelines and limit the stress on the homeowners.

“We’ve all worked together before and know what each one of us needs to get it installed," says Kevin. While Kevin was able to use his knowledge and experience to offer good advice to the MacDonalds, the final decision was always theirs to make.

After all, he says, they’re the ones using the final product. Norma says the Chervin team was very accommodating from the outset and let them take the time they needed on each of their choices.

“We didn’t ever feel pressured and we loved what came out of it,” says Norma. “I would highly recommend Chervin.” 

Kevin Swart - Inspired Cabinetry Installation - Chervin Kitchen & Bath - Dockside Magazine

Kevin Swart, Director of Sales & Design Chervin Muskoka

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Kevin Swart is the Director of Sales & Design at the Chervin showroom in Muskoka.

He has been a part of our family for 9 years, and is creative and deeply inspired by nature.

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