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Illustration of six different countertop edge profiles: Straight edge, bullnose edge, chiseled edge, mitered edge, beveled edge, and ogee edge.

Countertop Edge Inspiration in Oakville, Muskoka, and Waterloo

Now that you've decided whether you're going with wood, quartzite, granite, quartz, marble, or another material for your countertops, you have the opportunity to select your favourite edge profile to finish the look.

The countertop edge profile - the design or cut of the side view of your countertop - may not take up a lot of space in your kitchen or bathroom, but it can absolutely steal the show and define the overall feel of your space. Your decision may be entirely based on style and aesthetics or you may decide based on practical factors. Whatever you choose, countertop edges have the potential to beautifully magnify the rest of your design choices and make your space truly unique. Here are some of the most popular and foundational countertop edge profiles for you to consider... 

All edge profile close-up samples below are courtesy of Cambria Quartz. Visit their countertop edge profile page for more information and brand-specific titles.

Straight Edge

  • The straight edge countertop is the most popular edge profile currently, and the one we recommend most often. Straight edge countertops can come in a variety of thicknesses and really work well in almost any setting. 
  • Straight edge countertops are easy to maintain, look clean and contemporary, and age well. They are simple enough in design to transition smoothly through different styles and eras. They also let your chosen material speak for itself with few structural details to compete with the innate beauty of the stone or wood. 

Straight edge countertop on a gray mottled stone countertop

A mitered edge countertop on a brown-gold stone countertop

Mitered Edge

  • The mitered edge countertop can add a lot of drama to your space. A mitered edge is defined as two (or more) pieces of stone being joined together to achieve a much thicker profile, without adding the excessive weight (and cost) that would be associated with a solid piece of stone that thick. 
  • With a mitered edge countertop, you'll want the overall countertop depth to be at least 2" thick, or thicker, depending on the depth of the original stone. This allows the statement to really come through and become the star of your kitchen (without being overwhelming).

Ogee Edge

  • The ogee edge countertop is by far the most traditional and formal edge profile you can choose. If you want to create a space that gives off a more regal aura, you may want to consider one of the many variations on the ogee that are available. Ogee edge design features a beautiful, multi-step structure, that can come in a variety of degrees of roundness and even be inverted, depending on where you want the emphasis to be placed. 
  • But, beware that an ogee edge countertop is one of the least forgiving. With so many levels and edges, this countertop demands more attention when it comes to cleaning and overall maintenance. It does, by its very nature, also stick out beyond the main countertop surface, which means a little more to navigate around when you're working in your space.

An ogee edge countertop on a white stone countertop with brown and gold veining

A chiseled edge countertop on a gray stone countertop

Chiseled Edge

  • The only edge that requires even more maintenance than the ogee is this - the chiseled edge countertop. Made to showcase the natural roots of the stone surface, chiseled edge countertops are full of bumps, cavities, and endless texture. Use caution when cooking and mixing on this type of countertop - the clean-up will be far more onerous than a straight edge will ever be. 
  • That being said, it is perhaps one of the most striking and beautiful countertop edge profiles available, particularly in spaces with other rustic elements or natural materials. A chiseled edge countertop brings character, stability, and presence to your kitchen like no other profile could. 
  • If you are choosing a wooden countertop, a Live edge provides a similar feel to the chiseled stone edge and can be particularly striking! 

Beveled Edge

  • A beveled edge countertop is a great option for someone looking to add a little extra detail, without increasing the budget (or formality) too much. Almost any countertop thickness can accommodate a beveled edge and add a finishing touch to a clean and simple design. 
  • In addition, you can choose variations on the beveled edge countertop, which includes beveling on both the top and bottom to create a balanced, slightly geometric design. 

A beveled edge countertop on an orange stone countertop with black and red speckling

A bullnose countertop edge on a gray stone countertop with dark veining

Bullnose Edge

  • The last basic edge profile you need to know about is the Bullnose edge countertop. This edge is characterized by its smooth, rounded design - simple, but tasteful, with a gentler look than a straight edge. While a bullnose edge countertop can be used in any part of the home, it is often a popular choice for bathroom vanities. 
  • Bullnose edges can be full (as shown to the left), 1/2, or 1/4 size. The latter two of which feature the curved edge near the top of the counter and finish off with a straight edge by the bottom of the countertop. These variations let you tailor the look and angles of your countertop to your personal preference. 

In addition to these traditional edge profiles, there are lots of options for making your countertop unique and stunning. Adding a waterfall edge, differing the thicknesses of your island and perimeter countertops, extending the countertop material up the wall as your backsplash, intersecting two materials like granite and a wood butcher block...There are so many options out there and we're committed to helping our clients find the perfect combination for their lifestyle, tastes, and space. We can't wait to explore the possibilities with you! 

Countertop Edge Profiles FAQs

  • How do I choose the right countertop edge profile for my kitchen?

    The biggest factors to consider are your style, space, and what maintenance level you want. It’s fun to imagine a creative edge profile, but as some countertop edges can require more cleaning or can add extra surface space to your countertop, these are good things to consider. Think about what is most important to you, looks or practicality, and think about how the edge profile would work in your space before deciding what style to go with. Consider your overall aesthetic and cabinet style. Would a certain edge profile bring the room to life or add a needed pop? Or are the cabinets or another part of the room the focal point? Depending on what you want to emphasize and what would work for your home and budget, then you can decide on what countertop edge would suit you best.  

  • Can countertop edge profiles be customized?
    There are many variations and customizations available for countertop edges to make your countertop suit your tastes. Depending on the material and supplier, they can work with you to make your vision come true. Visit one of our showrooms in Waterloo, Oakville, or Muskoka to speak with a sales rep to see what options are available.  
  • How do countertop edge profiles impact the overall aesthetics of a kitchen?
    Countertop edges can add a lot of character and bring a kitchen style together. They may serve as a focal point in the kitchen or simply an accent to another feature in the kitchen. If you are going for a more traditional style kitchen, an ogee edge countertop may be the right choice for you. Or if you want the focus on the countertop, a chiseled edge will bring that extra drama you may be looking for. Perhaps you are wanting a sleeker, simpler look to accent your cabinetry. A straight edge countertop or mitered edge countertop may be the best choice. Our design team can work with you to decide what edge profile would suit you and your kitchen best. 
  • Are certain edge profiles more durable or easier to maintain?
    Yes, certain countertop edges are more durable or easier to maintain, especially if they are a flat surface and don’t include any curves, cuts, or grooves. Choices like a straight edge countertop or mitered edge countertop will be your simplest to maintain as they are easy to wipe down and there are no grooves for food or dust to get into. Options like a beveled edge countertop or bullnose edge countertop are also easy to maintain as they involve only simple cuts or shaping that would be easy to clean. These edge profiles don’t stick out much over a counter and with their smooth finishes, they are more resistant to chipping or nicks, making them very durable choices. An ogee edge countertop or chiseled edge countertop will be the hardest to maintain as they include curves or texture. They will require more patience to clean and may suit certain lifestyles best, where not as much cleaning or maintenance would be required. However, their stunning looks make these profiles a great choice for some people. 
  • Where can I see examples of countertop edges in Waterloo?
    To see our available countertop edge profiles or materials in person, visit our showroom in Waterloo at 20 Benjamin Road. We carry a wide variety of options to help make your decision easier.
  • Where can I see examples of countertop edges in Oakville?
    To see our available countertop edge profiles or materials in person, visit our showroom in Oakville at 276 Lakeshore Road E. We carry a wide variety of options to help make your decision easier.
  • Where can I see examples of countertop edges in Muskoka?
    To see our available countertop edge profiles or materials in person, visit our showroom in Muskoka at 8 Lee Valley Drive, Port Carling. We carry a wide variety of options to help make your decision easier.

Starting your countertop research? These are a few of our favourite suppliers to work with:

Stonex | Cambria Quartz | Canadian Butcher Block Company | Cosentino

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