The number one piece of advice you’ll get from our Sales & Design team is that selecting appliances for your new kitchen, laundry room, or other space should be your first step in the design process. Even before an initial consultation, take some time to investigate local options and see what styles and features you prefer. Why first, you ask? The main reason is because your cabinetry will be designed around the size and configuration of your appliances (you don’t want to have to back-track later!). But with the wealth of options available in today’s market, your appliances could also very well become the focal point of your space!

So before you pick out your flooring, cabinets, backsplash, and lighting, take some time to consider your appliance choices. Looking for something “outside-the-box”? Well, you’re in the right place, because today we want to showcase a variety of funky and eclectic appliance options (just a sampling of what is available out there when you go hunting!). Let’s get started…

The Retro Collection by Big Chill

The Retro Collection combines vintage inspired design with modern performance. With multiple sizes to suit unique spaces, and the option of modern appliances like an induction cooktop housed in a retro frame, the practicality of these units is as much a selling factor as their unique visual appeal. Each piece of the collection is available in 9 standard colours and over 200 custom colours, so it can perfectly coordinate (or stand out from!) the other elements of your kitchen.

The Retro Collection by Big Chill

One-of-a-kind Appliances from Smeg

Italian appliance artist, Smeg Appliances, prides themselves on manufacturing “technology with style” – they specialize in units that are finished in eccentric colours and designs, especially in their recently released “Dolce & Gobana” collection (only available in the EU; showcased at NKBA 2019). Smeg offers everything from cooktops and range hoods to hand blenders and tea kettles, all featuring bold colours, ranging in style from retro to contemporary and everything extraordinary in between.

Smeg Coffee Maker
Smeg Deep Freezer
Smeg Oven (Dolce & Gobana)
Smeg Fridge


Elmira Stove Works’ Vintage Vibe

Local retailer Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing and retailing vintage residential appliances for 3 generations, maintaining the commitment to style and character as they innovated processes and functionality over the years. Now they have an impressive selection of everything from range hoods & splashbacks to woodburning cookstoves and dishwasher panels, all available in a variety of fun colours and with custom options.



Insightful Appliances from Monogram

Monogram has jumped on-board the cultural shift towards transparency in our diets – literally. This unique line of highly rated refrigerators features a glass-front door so you can know at a glance exactly what you have in stock, and allows you to showcase local produce and fresh foods in a fresh, integrated way. Food is, of course, the most basic and central reason for having a kitchen – why not make it part of the design?


AGA’s New Take on Old-World Style 

Expert design firm, AGA, has developed a series of ranges that offer “a marriage of old-world sensibility with an edge of sophistication giving your kitchen a fresh look no matter the generation”. With a variety of looks and configurations (as well as colours), these ranges are a fabulous option for someone looking for versatility, character, and quality in their new oven.

AGA Electric 3-oven
AGA Elise Dual Fuel Range


While many of these retro and unique appliances are luxury products with pretty price tags, there are options for a unique look on a more streamlined budget, as well! Locally, you can find an incredible range of unique and high quality brands (including AGA, Monogram, and Smeg products) at reasonable prices at Goeman’s Appliances or TA Appliances & Barbeques.

Or of course, for a really stunning and unique look, there is always the option of having a custom range hood handcrafted for your kitchen, like this walnut hood (below) making its way through our manufacturing facility:

Custom walnut range hood - in progress

Walnut range hood in production in our Hawkesville manufacturing facility (range hood sitting with top to left and bottom opening up to the right).


Interested in exploring more options? One of our designers would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your vision for your kitchen and How we can bring it to life!

Contact us today to set up a consultation.