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This client is passionate about entertaining, and they sought to transform their basement into a vibrant haven where modern flair meets cozy tradition. Stepping into the basement, we envisioned an eclectic oasis that pays tribute to the home's classic roots. Our challenge was to create a dynamic and inviting space perfect for hosting memorable gatherings.

We began with the heart of the basement—the bar. The renovation brought their vision to life with seating for six, inviting conversations and shared stories. Warm hues and rich textures enveloped the space, creating an atmosphere that beckoned you to unwind. Modern colours interwoven with traditional elements, such as a reclaimed wood bar top and brass fixtures, strike a harmonious balance between the old and the new. The basement became a haven for game nights, lively gatherings, and sports viewings, where laughter and connection thrived. This new space is more than just a bar; it's a blend of the latest and nostalgic, designed for family and friends to connect and create memories.

Millwork Project Details

Colours & Materials Black (Racoon Fur), Walnut
Door/Drawer Style Flat Panel
Countertops Quartz
Construction Type Frameless
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Close up of custom whiskey bar with glass panel doors

The Details

A unique feature of this renovation is a custom whiskey cabinet designed to showcase the owner's personal collection. Crafted from ebony with a walnut interior, it adds a touch of sophistication and serves as a focal point in the bar area. Integrating sports with entertainment, a T.V. above the whiskey cabinet ensures guests can enjoy their favourite games while socializing.

The bar features hidden integrated appliances, including a popcorn maker for movie nights and a convection microwave for cooking. A generous countertop provides plenty of space for casual get-togethers and more elaborate events. Above the bar, a custom-built brass monorail system with glass shelving adds a unique touch. The shelves appear to float, blending aesthetic appeal with functional design.

Transitioning into the lounge area, bespoke seating and recliners sourced from Chervin Furniture & Design allow guests to enjoy luxurious comfort. At the same time, the custom-designed sectional from our sister company, Vogel, optimizes lounging potential.

The Materials

The client’s dream was to create a multipurpose room with style and functionality. As you enter the basement, your eyes are immediately drawn to the bold, black cabinets. Their sleek surfaces, accented with brass handles, evoke a sense of eclectic modernity.

The luxurious quartz countertops are not just a feast for the eyes but a testament to durability. Here, practicality meets elegance. These surfaces are built to withstand the rigours of lively gatherings, where drinks are mixed and food is served in abundance. The smooth quartz is resilient, ready for every spill and slice while maintaining its beauty.

Walnut accents tie the room together, adding warmth and a rich, natural texture. With its deep, inviting tones, this wood bridges the gap between the cool black cabinets and the sleek quartz countertops. This interplay of colours and materials infuses the space with a unique charm and character. Every element, from the brass-accented cabinets to the walnut details, was chosen carefully to create a harmonious blend of textures and ambiance.

Custom basement bar with lights

A headshot image of Jon Staken part of the Chervin Kitchen and Bath team in Waterloo.

What challenges did the team face?

One of the primary challenges in this basement renovation was integrating aesthetics with functionality, which was easier said than done. Starting with a blank slate, the Chervin Kitchen & Bath team approached the project with boundless creativity and a clear vision.

"We crafted a space where functional design and stunning aesthetics coexisted harmoniously." 

- Jon Staken, Chervin Kitchen & Bath (Waterloo)

What was once a blank canvas has blossomed into a dynamic and inviting space, seamlessly blending modern flair with cozy tradition. Every detail, from the sleek black cabinets to the inviting walnut accents, is thoughtfully selected to create a stylish and welcoming space. This basement is more than just a room; it reflects the homeowners' passion for hospitality—a vibrant haven where laughter echoes and memories are made.

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