The Optimal Kitchen

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The Optimal Kitchen

Quality cabinetry and superb design make the most of your kitchen space.

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It's the heart of the home - pulsating with activity, feeding the masses - and your kitchen should flow smoothly throughout. After all, it's the place where your meals are cooked - and sometimes eaten - and where your family and friends tend to gather.

Quality cabinetry laid out in a streamlined design can provide excellent efficiency while looking beautiful at the same time says Tom Chambers, design and sales representative for Chervin Kitchen & Bath in Muskoka.

Making sure guests have their space and you have yours is imperative to a well-operating environment. Prep space, along with quick access to utensils, pots, and pans, and dried good, needs to blend in with your appliances.

Meanwhile, space for guests to gather should be away from where you'll be creating delicious dishes: this can be done with a good-sized island separating the main kitchen artery from the crowds. They can have a place to hang around without blocking the way. And you also get more storage where it's useful.

'Using every nook and cranny in your kitchen means there is no wasted space,' Tom says. 'Tight lines from the refrigerator to the cabinet for pots and pans combined with easy-to-access pantry walls and other well-built cabinetry provides great function and convenience.'

Hidden storage areas throughout the kitchen – perhaps even one underneath banquet-style seating – will maximize the use of space. It’s this out-of-sight but not out-of-touch scenario which is trending in kitchens throughout Ontario.

“As well, Shaker and slabstyle cabinet doors are popular this year,” says Tom. “We’re also seeing many eclectic kitchens mixing a variety of styles and colours – two-toned cabinets are trending with natural elements such as walnut, being blended with grey, or white painted tones.”

cambria countertop rough edge profile

Complementary pieces

Tom says to top off your fabulous looking kitchen cabinetry with quality countertops and fixtures. He recommends using a Cambria quartz countertop with either a honed or matte texture – depending on your preference.

“They have a large variety of colours to choose from and it’s a very durable product,” he says. “It’s easy to clean as well, making it great for your kitchen where fingers, food and drinks could create stains and messes.”

Fixtures are a very personal item. People are going with everything from simple stainless-steel to black stainless fixtures, as well as brass and mixed metals. Tom recalls a client which accented her white cabinetry with rose gold throughout the kitchen.

“It was quite amazing how good it looked,” he says. “But, that was definitely a unique kitchen look compared to what we usually see.”

Solid plans make great kitchens

Launched near Kitchener by Kevin Bauman in 1991, Chervin Kitchen & Bath has grown steadily ever since. The company now features two manufacturing plants with a combined 150,000-square-feet, capable of producing cabinets to almost all specifications from an astounding variety of materials.

Tom recommends doing some research before beginning steps in your project. Have a peek at your current kitchen to see what you love and don’t love about it. Consider whether functionality needs improvement and, if so, what cabinetry additions could help. Do you require more storage space? More space in general? Is the colour scheme what you really want or is it time for a change?

It’s also important to come up with a proper budget. Be sure to take everything into consideration: cabinetry, plumbing, appliances and even potential electrical work. Be aware that ceiling height, windows and light fixtures all have a direct effect on cabinetry.

“You can also choose to go online to research current design trends,” says Tom. “However, it’s not a necessity, as our talented designers will help you find the customized kitchen you’re looking for.”

The Chervin team can help clients make their dream kitchens come true by providing advice, options and a variety of professional services. Before your kitchen is installed, be sure to go over the design plans with a sharp eye and fine tune every detail until it’s exactly what you want.

Doing this will give Chervin’s highly trained and qualified team of installers the direction needed to give you a stunning, efficient and well-equipped kitchen you can be proud of.

“Working together, we can create the ideal kitchen for you,” says Tom. “A kitchen with a strong pulse and heartbeat.”

Tom Chambers, Sales & Design Chervin Muskoka

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Tom is a team member that loves design and forging client relationships.

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