Walnut Elegance: Mid-Century Modern Renovation

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Mid-century modern living room with slated accent wall and floating entry bench

Slatted walnut accent wall with brass rod in mid century modern home renovation

Custom Home Renovation, Waterloo. 

This mid-century modern marvel checks all the boxes - bright, airy, warm, and effortlessly sophisticated. Brace yourself for the mesmerizing charm brought by natural-finished walnut wood. 

Collaborating with LET Design and Slotegraaf Construction, our clients, a modern family of four with two young teenagers, embarked on a mission to transform their residence into a functional and fashionable living environment. They aspired to create a spacious and welcoming atmosphere, adorned with an abundance of natural wood. 

Chervin Kitchen & Bath crafted custom cabinetry and millwork for the whole home, spanning the kitchen and dining room, vanities, foyer, and living spaces. 

Utilizing naturally stained walnut and pristine Chantilly Lace white throughout the residence, the final outcome exceeded all expectations, resulting in a truly exceptional, mid-century modern home.

City: Waterloo
Residence Type: House
Services Provided:

Custom Cabinetry and Millwork (Design, build, install)

The Design Approach

Our goal was to manifest the designer's vision of a mid-century modern family home, where rich walnut wood seamlessly weaves its way through the entire residence, unifying the design and creating a cohesive atmosphere.

Mid-Century Modern living room with natural walnut vingettes

The Purpose

To create bespoke cabinetry and millwork, aiming to transform our clients' living space into a welcoming, open, and cozy environment. Our foremost objective was to deliver unparalleled quality and functionality, all the while enhancing the interior's visual appeal. 

At Chervin, our Vision is "To create inspired interiors that grace your living space with unrivaled quality, distinction and peace of mind.”

The Details

The kitchen houses impeccable details making it a one-of-a-kind design. The tiered island of mixed materials showcases an open-end display and an inviting seating space complimented with the overall island complimented by a ceiling accent with wood slats. One side of the kitchen island reveals an open-shelf coffee station and pantry wall equipped with touch-to-open cabinet doors, contributing to a sleek and uncluttered appearance.  

To enhance the functionality and organization of this family's lifestyle, the kitchen cabinets conceal a range of amenities, including a pull-out spice rack, a pull-out knife block, utensil dividers, peg drawers, and a door-mounted waste bin. Functionality extends beyond the kitchen into the dining room with a bench that features a flip-up seat, offering additional storage space. 

Further details that make a statement in this mid-century modern residence include the presence of brass accents within the slated walls and the extensive use of integrated LED lighting to illuminate the cabinetry.

The Materials

In every room of this residence, natural flat cut solid walnut wood takes center stage. A generous amount of walnut was employed to infuse the distinctive mid-century modern ambiance and introduce a rich, warm, and earthy element that sets the tone for the entire home. The warm walnut's presence is harmoniously counterbalanced by the warm white cabinetry in both the kitchen and main bathroom. 

The kitchen island is a stunning focal point in the kitchen, featuring a captivating blend of materials that incorporate quartz, wood, glass, and metal. 

The use of brass rods in the design of the natural walnut slatted staircase wall and the slated foyer accent wall serves a dual purpose, enhancing both structural stability and the overall aesthetic refinement of the design. 

A headshot image of our cabinetry designer Besmir.

“Be cautious when combining solid wood and veneer.”  

When you blend solid wood with veneer, you'll observe distinctions between the two. It's essential to approach this with the highest accuracy during finishing and installation to reach your intended outcome. Precision is key to achieving a seamless, clean, and cohesive final appearance.

- Besmir Bërboti, Chervin Kitchen & Bath (Waterloo)

The Challenges

The project experienced minimal design shifts, with slight modifications adding the brass rods to the walnut slated staircase wall and slated foyer accent wall to provide structural support and elevate the design. During the manufacturing process, the brass rods were a task that involved precision and accuracy to ensure a perfect fit. 

The installation of the solid walnut was hard work due to the weight of large pieces, specifically, the assembly of the ceiling slats over the island due to its weight overhead and the nearly 8ft tall solid walnut sliding door dividing the living room and foyer. 

Working with natural walnut presents a challenge in maintaining colour consistency. To achieve the desired outcome, it is essential to treat the natural walnut with precision. It was crucial to ensure a consistent appearance throughout the project to maintain a sense of unity in the design. We needed to convey the technical details to our engineering team to ensure that the walnut's colour remained consistent, offering a natural hue of the same tone. 

Project Cambria solid walnut sliding door of living room renovation

The Final Results

This remarkable mid-century modern renovation project culminated in a masterpiece that surpassed all expectations. With natural walnut wood seamlessly uniting each living space, the residence now exudes warmth, elegance, and functionality.

Cambria | Basement Staircase Wall

Cambria | Basement Staircase Wall


Mid-Century Modern Slatted Basement Staircase Wall
Cambria | Main Bath

Cambria | Main Bath


Mid-Century Modern Floating Vanity
Cambria | Foyer

Cambria | Foyer


Mid-Century Modern Foyer Bench, Cabinet & Accent Wall
Cambria | Family Room

Cambria | Family Room


Mid-Century Modern Family Room Mantel Wall
Cambria | Living Room

Cambria | Living Room


Mid-Century Modern Living Room
Cambria | Dining Room Bench

Cambria | Dining Room Bench


Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Bench
Cambria | Kitchen

Cambria | Kitchen


Walnut & White Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

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