Besmir Bërboti

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Besmir's Top Tip

  • Design is unique to each individual. When thinking about your renovation, consider your lifestyle and what would make your space more convenient and efficient - ultimately improving your quality of life.
    Besmir Bërboti


Joined The Chervin Family In:

  • 2011

Previous Industry Experience:

  • Drew my parents' house when I was 15 and later helped them build it based on those drawings
  • Graduated the Cabinetmaker (Apprenticeship) program at Conestoga College.
  • Worked several years doing renovations


  • Married with 3 young children, 2 (very pretty) daughters, and 1 son
  • I never go a day without dinner with my family or a few minutes at the end of the day with my kids


I am inspired by the diverse group of industry professionals I have had the pleasure of working with over my years of experience. I also find inspiration in design trends shared on social media.

Besmir Bërboti | Sales & Design | Chevin Kitchen & Bath, Waterloo
Besmir Bërboti | Sales & Design | Chevin Kitchen & Bath, Waterloo
Besmir Bërboti | Sales & Design | Chevin Kitchen & Bath, Waterloo

Favourite Quote

"A man is not finished when he is defeated; he is finished when he quits." - Richard Nixon

Besmir Bërboti | Sales & Design | Chervin Kitchen & Bath, Waterloo

Personal Style

Current Personal Dream Design:
Matte black paired with natural wood stain - maybe white oak with Rubio Monocoat-Oil finish, or a mix of navy blue and white with gold hardware; this might change!

Happy This Fad Is Over:
Golden Oak


Current Hobbies:
Photography, sports (soccer), socializing with friends and meeting new people, travel (even if it is just for a drive out of the city every weekend)

Favourite Meal

To Eat:
Mediterranean Cuisine (lamb with tzatziki sauce and Greek salad and souvlaki - the real one), saltwater seafood

To Cook:
Something Mediterranean as well. I am not a recipe guy. I enjoy cooking with what I have and getting creative in the kitchen

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