While renovations make up approximately half of our custom building projects, the other half are brand new homes. We are proud to say we can design, manufacture, and install custom cabinetry in all areas of the home – kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, entertainment unit, home bar…wherever your new home needs the Chervin touch!

A Fresh Start

Working in a new home means starting with a clean slate, often with some layout decisions pre-set by the model, but all the details left completely up to you! Don’t know where to start? No problem – we can kick-off right from the beginning and help you identify your household’s needs and wants – and how to tell the difference! We’ll walk you through all your options, and help you navigate the decision-making with our years of experience and keen eyes for detail. Style and function are creatively infused into every space we work in, to make your home unique and fresh, and meet your needs in your way.

In addition, quality and integrity are two of our core values, meaning you can trust that we’ll give you the very best product possible. We use high quality materials to create timeless designs, so your home will serve you well for decades! A variety of materials, finishes, and styles of cabinets are available to you, to account for unique tastes and a range of budgets, and each piece is carefully hand-inspected and processed in our 150,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities.

Your Integrated Team

When you build your dream home, it is important you have a team of contractors behind you who will function as one, comprehensive unit – and we love being part of these teams. Since 1991, Chervin Kitchen & Bath has been designing, building, and installing custom cabinetry, and we’ve never stopped learning and growing. Along the way, we have developed relationships with many of the top contractors in Waterloo Region and have earned a reputation for high quality work and exceptional service. To learn more about some of the outstanding builders we work with, we invite you to reach out to one of our sales team – you can contact them by calling, emailing, or stopping by our showroom in person.

Embrace the Possibilities

Whatever your dream home looks like, we’ll see you through to its completion – and we’re excited to go on this journey with you. Want to get a more thorough understanding of your options? Come visit one of our showrooms! Located in Waterloo and Port Carling, our showrooms are equipped with a wide range of styles of kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other areas of the home, and give you the opportunity to see, feel, and test out different products and materials. Drop by anytime to explore for yourself! Ready to start the conversation? Contact us now to set-up your initial design consultation!

Luxury Kitchen 79 - focus on dining area and island

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