Looking Ahead to Hosting Again

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As we celebrate a quiet Thanksgiving this year, let's make the most of this opportunity to plan ahead for the joys of hosting in our own homes again someday...

Looking out for one another means reducing our Thanksgiving gatherings this year - hopefully not in spirit, but certainly in size. For those of us who love hosting - holiday or not - this long weekend is the perfect opportunity to look to the future. A quieter holiday gives ample opportunity to refocus our attention from disappointment to inspiration! So often when the holidays come around life is busy and while we may put together a fresh centerpiece or try out a new recipe, we may not have capacity to optimize the actual environment we host in. This year - not so! 

This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to take some time and critically evaluate the layout, look, and function of your kitchen and primary hosting spaces in your home, and may a list of the things you love...and the things you'd love to see changed, refreshed, or renovated. How could your home be better suited to hosting the friends and family you love? Read on in today's post for a few ideas to get you started...

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Looking Ahead to Hosting Again | Chervin Kitchen & Bath | Under-Counter Fridge/Freezer

Small Space, Big Potential

  • If space is at a premium in your home, but hosting is a must, I recommend choosing an induction cooktop that is 30" wide or smaller - this cooktop will offer you the same cooking capacity as a gas range but significantly increase your capacity for storage in your kitchen, due to its compact design.
  • A great pairing for your induction cooktop would be a 27" wall oven (standard wall ovens come in at 30" wide). In the same way as discussed above with the cooktop, a slightly smaller wall oven won't significantly impact your cooking capacity, but you'll notice the difference when it comes to pantry space and/or tray storage. 
  • Another fantastic, compact option for those of you always needing just a little extra cold storage is the Thermodar under-counter fridge and freezer drawers. These drawers are standard panel-ready, so they're a great way to keep one cohesive look throughout your space.
Click here to view more photos of the kitchen pictured to the left (Build Partner: Lioncrest Custom Homes). 

Keep an Open [Concept] Mind

  • Generally speaking, an open concept floor plan lends itself better to a fluid and functional space - bottlenecks are reduced (if not eliminated), and clostrophia due to tight corners and enclosed spaces becomes a thing of the past. It's always valuable to think of what will help your guests (and you!) feel the most relaxed, at ease, and "at home" in your home.
  • Open concept floor plans also mean that you can be as involved in the conversation/activities as you like, even while finishing food prep, plating, or clean-up.
  • Before deciding on an open floor plan, though, do take into consideration your comfort level when it comes to other people watching you or working alongside you as you cook and clean - is that welcome and fun? Or does it make your heart race? As much as you want your guests to be relaxed, you need to set yourself up, as the host, with a calming and organized environment that you'll be confident working in.
Click here to view more photos of the kitchen pictured to the right (Design Partner: Baudit Interior Design; Renovation Partner: Slotegraaf Construction).

Looking Ahead to Hosting Again | Chervin Kitchen & Bath | Open-Concept Kitchen & Dining Area

Looking Ahead to Hosting Again | Chervin Kitchen & Bath | Wall Appliances

Save Time with Post-Host Clean-Up

  • While overall layout of your home is important, the precise layout of your kitchen is even more so. The organization of your cabinets and appliances - where they are, what they are positioned next to, how easily you can access them, etc - is one of the most key elements in ensuring your home is ready to host.
  • Typically, my goal with any kitchen is to design a space where the clean-up part of hosting feels as seamless as possible. This means creating a flow that minimizes the amount of time you're spending handling dirty dishes or finding places to store leftovers - all-in-all a natural, fluid, organized experience.
  • Depending on priorities and the size of your space, a second dishwasher may be the best way to optimize your clean-up routines (and thanks to advancements in efficiency, these are smart and eco-conscious appliances to invest in).
  • If two dishwashers are out of the question, whether due to space, budget, or personal preference (or too many not dishwasher-safe dishes), a single dishwasher paired with an oversized, single basin sink could be the answer! Whether you like the farmhouse look, or simply a single basin undermount, a large sink is a great tool to have central in your kitchen if you love using special dishes or large cooking/serving trays.
    Click here to view more photos of the kitchen pictured to the left (Build Partner: Montgomery Homes).

    Invest in Great Appliances

    When it comes to fridge & freezer storage and performance, my top brand recommendations are Gaggenau & Thermador. WIth either of these brands, you're guaranteed quality, longevity, and a truly professional cooking experience. Great appliances are worth the investment.

    Looking Ahead to Hosting Again | Chervin Kitchen & Bath | Open-Concept Kitchen with Panelled Appliances

    Let's Connect!

    From all of us at Chervin Kitchen & Bath, we wish you and your loved ones the most meaningful, joyful, and thoughtful Thanksgiving this year! If you get inspired this weekend about the potential for more fluid hosting at home post-COVID, please contact us anytime to setup a design consultation and get started on bringing that dream hosting space to life.  

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